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The reading changed my life. For my whole life, I struggled to navigate my toxic/abusive relationship ship with my mother, and through the Akashic records and your guidance through the journey, I was able to finally heal that relationship, after years of therapy and trying, one session with you changed everything. I am now able to offer my mom love and I have a larger understanding of events in this life. I am so grateful to you Tiensirin because the reading was pivotal to this 360 degree shift in my life. I look forward to doing another reading where I can address other areas of my life. "Before my session with Tiensirin, I’d always felt as if I was carrying a heavy set of old, ancient questions in my heart. After just one session, she brought such clarity and beautiful revelations to these questions. Now, after so many years, I finally feel like I have the clarity to move forward in my life with joy. I owe this to Tiensirin – our session together helped peer into the heart of my life story, create space in my timeline to move away from fear, and lovingly connect to my higher purpose. 

~Nora, Performing Artist


Tiensirin is clearly a master healer. I can only compare our time together with swimming in a flowing river. At the top, her magic is kind and gentle, but underneath, there are deep currents and strength. Afterwards, clarity, replenishment, and cleansing. Light reflecting on the water always. For her, I offer nothing but my highest recommendation.”


~HJ, Technology Executive 


"The beautiful thing about Tiensirin's sessions is that they are incredibly multifaceted. In one reading, she weaves together a reading, a healing and a shamanic journey all in one. It is truly a mixed bag of wonderment and she is a powerful guide to light the way. Her energy is incredibly warm and nurturing but you can also feel the fire and passion for the work she does. The container she holds is a safe space for one to explore and remember who they are, and to reflect on what would like to be healed and addressed. 

In our session together, she invited me to sit in the "driver's seat" to explore the visions of my inner child, galactic Soul and ancient past life using a visualization on the subconscious level. After the session was over I was able to remember ancient parts of myself that I had forgotten and I am so grateful for our time together. These ancient memories we uncovered are gifts and abilities that are resurfacing now in my current incarnation.

Tiensirin's Soul is beautifully ancient and wise. I believe her true gift is activating the multidimensional wisdom within us all."

~Mary G. , Medium/ Channeller Artist

"I first learned about Tiensirin's work through a podcast, and the way she described her work resonated with me deeply so I immediately  booked a session.


Being new to akasha, I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but with Tiensirin’s guidance, she helped lead and uncovered what was calling to be healed.  


Tien is a multidimensional healer, she’s channels and transmits source, and leads you back to your highest self. She is a strong anchor and mirror for you to safely explore all the parts (of myself) that were out of alignment from childhood trauma. 

During our session We healed some of my past, present, and future selves and in The following Weeks after, I felt the ripple affect of change coarse throughout my body. old outdated belief systems were finally gone. I can’t recommend Tiensirin enough, I promise you are worth all the hard work it is to evolve and grow.


Thank you for all that you do Tiensirin, you are a gift to this world."

~ Ana O. , Creative Director/ Voice Artist

"My heart felt incredibly expansive and everything shared resonated deeply in my bones. Tien has a profound gift that leaves you empowered."

~Venus Celia Ra, Pleasure and Love Priestess & Divine Union Coach

"Tiensirin’s sessions are truly transformational. The truth she channels is from source and it’s everything you need to hear. Your innermost feelings are explained beyond your ability to verbalize them.


Her shamanic approach to the akashic records & healing, harmonize your current situation or stagnation to past life events being triggered. Understanding this connection, leaves a profound & long lasting effect in your life. 


It’s a blessing to be able to clear your path and even timeline jump with Tiensirin. She is so loving, graceful, and gifted throughout the process. Her healings are really special and have confirmed what I am being called to step into. I am forever grateful to her. 


My mother also had a very successful session with her and I can see the patterns she broke shortly after. I highly recommend everyone to see Tiensirin. She is a gift to us all. "

-Alejandra, Creative Director

"I was introduced to Tien’s work through a dear friend of mine whom I met through Kundalini Teacher training, which was a really transformative phase in my life. That experience served as the impetus for a deeper desire to connect to source and building an even more loving relationship with my self. The saying that effectively says every soul you meet in your lifetime serves a very specific purpose no matter how big or small couldn’t be any truer. I met Tien when my heart needed it the most without even being truly aware of it to be honest. Healing is not linear, and sometimes you think you have it all figured out and realize there is always work to be done. She holds a space like no other, and is a golden embodiment of love, compassion, and grace - a beautiful soul. Everyone’s spiritual journey looks different. What she offered me during my session was a healing platform that felt like going back to pure innocence and unconditional love and an opportunity for even more heart expansion. She has a very unique and collaborative way of helping you uncover the unhealthy conditioning and wounds that still need loving attention. I cherish my experience with Tien to the core, and look forward to connecting with her again."

~Vanessa A.,  Advertising Executive

"Recently my meditation teacher recommended that I have my Akashic Records read with Tien. She had been a great help to him and he felt a reading with her was very important in my path forward. At issue has been my ability to trust, both my own instincts and God’s plan for my life.


I am a writer and I’ve recently become unsure of my intuition versus imagination, questioning myself and the validity of the messages I feel pulled to share. I was unsure how a reading of this type would be able to help but looked forward to meeting with Tien all the same.


I’m very glad that our paths crossed. She is open, honest and loving. The information she shares with you during a reading is relevant and insightful, bringing a sense of curiosity, excitement, reassurance, confidence and hope. As soon as I saw her smiling face at the beginning of our session, I knew I could trust her. I felt her light and love immediately. She is brave to help people in this way and I appreciate her very much."

~Carlene L. San Diego, CA. , Writer




"My readings with Tien were extremely eye-opening and feels like the truth of my life. The answers really gave me a lot of guidance that reflected my intuition and feelings. I feel a connection of my body and the soul for the first time in my life! Their guidance has made my life very simple because now I know, what exactly I am supposed to focus on.... What exactly is my purpose on this planet..... The readings have helped me alot in acquiring the faith back on my Masters and Angels which is really important for me because I had lost them..... I was not connected with them for quite some time because of the events that happened in my life. I am sensing a higher consciousness about myself, a deeper peace and strength to move forward since my session with her. I know this is just a beginning of my spiritual journey to be a life time learner and time to time I may need to seek guidance from Higher Beings..... It gives me comfort to know that Tien always will be there to guide me on the path. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts, thank you so much for being you!"

~Kale S.  Bombay, India, Production Designer

"It's been a beautiful experience working with Tien! Before our first session, she explained the process and gave me tips on what questions to ask and prepare. During the session, Tien helped me feel at ease and delivered messages from my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, in a clear and loving way. After our session she sent a few follow up resources from our time together which has helped me integrate the new wisdom and information given to me. I'm excited to continue working with her over the coming months! I've already recommended her to several friends."

~ Aleana K. British Columbia, Canada, Speech-Language Pathologist



"My reading with Tien this weekend has given me the confidence to let go of all the things that have been holding me back over the years. Tien is highly sensitive, she approaches a reading with compassion and reverence for one's personal journey.  Tien's heart centered approach put me at ease, allowing myself to receive the beautiful messages and at times humbling guidance.

Tien is a true gem!"

~Melissa K.  Montreal, Canada


"Tien is truly a gifted intuitive. I have had two Akashic Records readings with her and both sessions were insightful and healing. Tien compassionately provided messages and guidance to help work through challenges and past trauma. What came across very clearly was that Tien wanted to help me to understand why events happened and how to move forward and bring peace and love into my life. She is a kind, genuine and beautiful soul. Tien is an earth angel that is using her gift to positivity impact others. I’m so happy to have met her and highly recommend her." 

~Tricia , NYC, NY , Marketing Executive


"I had my first session with Tien because I was looking for some clarity about a professional crossroads I found myself at. Not only did she quickly zero in on the issue and help me look at some doubts I was having, but she also shed light on several other parts of my life, both past and current. She made some incredibly insightful suggestions about how I could heal and improve certain important relationships in my life, based also on experiences I had had with these same people in past lives. Tien has a genuine desire to help people. She followed up our first session not only with more ideas for me and contacts of healers who have different areas of specialization, but she also went above and beyond by kindly inviting me to join her at a class she thought I would benefit from. "

~GF, Beverly Hills CA. , Event Planner


"Being raised Catholic, I was always skeptical of visiting healers, mystics, visionaries and the like.  But upon the first few minutes with Tien, she honed in on some deep-rooted truths about me and my extended family, gave me a clear vision of what lies ahead, and how to manage certain triumphs and pitfalls.  I found her Akashic Records to be astonishing, and saw how I have been connected to my wife in a previous life, as well as other current family members and their past connections with me.  In all, I highly recommend Tien.  She is the real deal, and I thank her for all the past and future insight."

~ Anthony S. Beverly Hills, CA. , Investment Director


"Tien is an amazing reader! I had my reading almost a week ago and I can't stop thinking about it. Tien was SPOT ON about some feelings I have been having about my relationship with my husband. She also gave me some great insight on a phobia that I have! I have been recommending Tien to everyone I know. If you are looking for guidance and wisdom on anything you just "can't put your finger on," Tien is the reader for you!"

~M.M., St. Paul, MN , Astrologer


"Having never had my Akashic records read, I had no idea what to expect when I sat down with Tien. In short, I was blown away.  Tien tapped into my guides immediately and the messages she relayed were given with such speed, accuracy and detail. Since my reading, I am now approaching important aspects of my professional life in a newfound direction.


It was fascinating to learn about my past-life relationship with my daughter which gave me such great insights into her personality ... things I had always wondered about, but could never really put my finger on. Tien is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul, and I am so grateful to her for sharing her gift. "

~ Jen H., Sherman Oaks, CA , Fashion Entrepreneur



"My session with Tien was truly impactful from the first minute. Immediately after starting she was able to narrow into the root cause of my challenges. Then was able to clearly articulate things I had been feeling and it required little insight or indication from my end. Connecting with Tien brought clarity to my situation and built hope as well as provided me clear actions to proceed. 


Above all else, Tien is caring and has positive and loving intentions. I felt safe and understood in my experience with Tien. "

~ Zule, Los Angeles, CA 

"Tiensirin Akashic records reading is such a deep oracle guidance for me every time. She's able to channel energies and forces of the universe that will reflect and bring to surface what ever issues or concerns you are deeply not at ease with in your life with in order to heal and to bring well being into your life.


I believe there is a supreme universal wisdom that is profoundly mystical and very few people are able to truly  channel that energy with out interference and being crystal clear. It's important to have a strong bullshit meter when you go to someone to get mystical readings about things that are delicate in your life , and with Tiensirin I feel completely safe and in good hands, since her channeling is pretty much clean and raw. Once you get a reading you will understand what I'm talking about and how accurate and deep her readings are. I feel Tiensirin readings are a wonderful tool for guidance and self transformation through a connection with sacred divine energies of the universe. I feel so lucky and blessed I found her."

~ Clarissa, Hollywood, CA. , Body and Energy Healer

"Tien is the real deal!

My Akashic Records readings with Tien are truly magical! They’re also enlightening, eye opening and reconfirming; helping to steer me towards my path of happiness & fulfillment."

~Trixie, Studio City, CA. , Photo Manager

"She is very much in tune with her gift of intuition to access the truth. Her approach is comfortable, compassionate and focused.

I experienced a very profound understanding of what was going on in my life through her reading. It brought me clarity which helped me confidently make important decisions towards improving myself."

~Sharon, Los Angeles, CA. , Art Director

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