Tiensirin is an advanced certified Akashic Records practitioner and healer. She has completed five certification courses at the Dr. Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies.

She is a second-generation intuitive who inherited her abilities from her father, who is also an empath and a medium. Growing up in Thailand, spirituality and healing practices were a major part of her upbringing.


What she loves the most about her work in Akashic Records is the ability to assist her clients at a soul level. She seeks to help them find deeper clarity and insight within their current challenges, and also assists them to move forward with more power and confidence in their life’s calling. 


Tiensirin specializes in the areas of past lives, relationships, and business. She has read for hundreds of clients over the years, both domestically and internationally. Her clients range from anywhere from artists, recording artists, healers, non-profit organization executives, actors, television show runners, publicists, to music festival producers. She is always very pleased to help anyone that is seeking guidance from their Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.


She treats all of her clients with the utmost respect, with honesty, and also with strict confidentiality.
Besides her work in Akashic Records, Tiensirin is also an award-winning photographer with extensive knowledge in entertainment marketing and
publicity.  She is a loving mom to her two fur-babies, Speck and Pinky! She enjoys deep conversation with friends, yummy food, ocean breezes, movies, and outdoor concerts.

More about Tiensirin in her interview with VoyageLA . Please click on link below.


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