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Did you know you can find out so much about someone by looking at their photograph?


With this service, I offer an opportunity to take deeper dive into someone's psyche.  Is this person trustworthy? What might be some challenges with this particular person and how to overcome? Is this person compatible with me romantically? Would he or she be a good business partner?

My aura reading sessions are fluid and intuitive. I describe the person’s aura in colors if need be and typically find it most beneficial for my clients to know more about the soul condition—

who they are as a person— so clients can work to improve the current relationship or let it go if she/ he finds it to be a relationship or situation that no longer serves the highest good of the individuals involved.  

All I need to read a photograph is the most current full length photograph of this person. If full length is not available, ¾ length will work.

One person per reading. If you provide multiple photographs of one person, this counts as one reading.  If you would like to do a relationship reading with an individual, this counts as one reading. Additional people count as as additional readings.

Individual Aura reading $55 / session (30 minutes)

Compatibility Aura reading $85/ session (45 minutes)

24 hour cancellation policy: If a cancellation is made 24 hours before the appointment, you receive a full refund. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment are char

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